MTG Binder

Last Updated by Dustin on: 2015-06-04 18:50:04

Project Name:
MTG Binder

Project Type(s):
Website, Web Application 

Project Started:
May 2015 (currently in-progress)

Primary URL:

Developer Blog:

Project Team:
Dustin Cohenour


MTG Binder was born out of my need for an application to better organize and track my Magic: the Gathering cards and decks, buy, sell and trade for cards or products that I wanted, and be able to discuss and share all of this information between my play groups and friends. Not happy with the current software and web-based solutions available to Magic: the Gathering players and collectors, I decided this would be a good project to really test my web development skills, as well as learn some new technologies along the way.

Technologies Utilized:

  • Laravel 5 (PHP Framework) + various Composer Packages
  • MySQL (Database Server)
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Framework)
  • Font Awesome 4.3.0 (Font and CSS Toolkit)
  • jQuery (JavaScript Library)
  • HighCharts (Interactive JavaScript Charts)
  • ...more to be added as development continues!


  • Coming Soon!


  • Coming Soon!