Welcome to my personal website!

Published by Dustin on: 2015-06-04 08:54:59 // Link

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my personal website, dustincohenour.com! I am utilizing this space to post my professional resume and experience, ramble about various interests and hobbies, and to showcase some of my current and past projects and work. You may find some links are disabled for the time being, but will be enabled as soon as the section or feature is available!

The site that you see before you is created using the Laravel 5 PHP framework and Twitter Bootstrap with a customized version of the Slate theme from BootSwatch. You can read more about the project from the website's project page.

In the future you will find more posts from me covering various topics such as Laravel, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS as well as other hobbies and interests of mine like Magic: the Gathering, cooking and music.